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Our Story


While on maternity leave, Danielle noticed that there wasn't much selection for children's clothing (New or Pre-Loved) here on Salt Spring Island, BC and she felt she needed to do something about it. Especially during these times that shopping online and staying close to home is the norm.
This is where Repeat Street Kids was born. As a busy mom of two, Danielle wanted a quick one stop for parents to shop for their kids and offer a wide range of variety for all families. Although large box stores aren't ideal, she thought offering some of these brands to re-pupose into other homes, would keep many from buying it directly from the mass produced brands and stores. Those who are creating and raising the new generation want to have a strong and sustainable world to leave them and Repeat Street is focused on shrinking that footprint.
Danielle also wanted to focus on bringing in Canadian brands when possible while sourcing New Clothing. Since the pandemic started, it's been evident that the focus on local has become more of a priority for many.